A getaway to Fuenterrabía, the pleasure of wandering next to the mouth of the Bidasoa


The brushstrokes of color in their houses, on balconies, windows or wooden elements, the ease with which they walk through its charming historic center, its excellently preserved walls, its gastronomic richness in the humble nothingness pintxos (skewers) and the bonus that we are a few meters from the mouth of the Bidasoa River make Fuenterrabía the Ideal setting for a one or two day getaway to the Basque Country.

And we talk about the quintessence of the Basque Country, in a small coastal and fishing town, with centuries-old walls, an old part of the prize (Historical Artistic Monument), a warlike history due to its border situation, green mountains populated by hamlets around it and a, in more peaceful and recent times, traditional holiday destination of those who seek tranquility but not boredom.

Fuenterrabía (u Hondarribia in Basque) is the Last Spanish northern city before arriving in France, literally crossing a river.

As in La Guardia (A Guarda) in Galicia with the Miño River and Portugal, in Fuenterrabía it is the Bidasoa River in its last dozen kilometers of course that draws the border.

No one imagines when walking through this quiet summer villa that this strategic location, border and sea, earned him a long series of sieges in different national and international conflicts, when France had access to Spanish territory from Hendaye at a stone's throw and without mountains in between.

Today the French come in peace.

As Madrid, Navarre, or other Basques, they come to enjoy a fishing village where there is much to see, but, above all, that you can walk peacefully through places like the ones I recommend below and that you will find marked on a map at the end of the article.

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  1. The walls of Fuenterrabía
  2. The city gates
  3. The Old Town of Fuenterrabía
  4. The Fuenterrabía that looks at the sea
  5. Eat Fuenterrabía based on pintxos
  6. Where to sleep in Fuenterrabía
  7. Map of what to see in Fuenterrabía
  8. Practical information
  9. 1.- The walls of Fuenterrabía

    In a country like Spain, with abundant vestiges of walls and well preserved castles, the walls of Fuenterrabía are probably of the least known and most impressive that we can find in a villa surrounding its historic center.

    High to cause vertigo, they have fulfilled their function since the 16th century and they have stopped projectiles of all sizes, although - as in so many parts of our country - they have not been able to defeat their modern enemy, the urban redefinition, so they no longer completely surround them.