I National Meeting of the Responsible Traveler in León


Travel, we all travel, either a few kilometers from home or to the other side of the world. But, no matter how far we travel, there are a number of behavioral, cultural, personal, social patterns that we should follow.

They were discussed at the First National Meeting of the Responsible Traveler.

Held in León last weekend, the First National Meeting of the Responsible Traveler brought together a hundred travel bloggers, Instagramers, videobloggers and influencers who attended two complete round tables and had the opportunity to make several visits to León and surroundings.

Bloggers exercising in the First Responsible Traveler Meeting León

Organized by the InterMundial Seguros Foundation, the Institute for Responsible Tourism - Biosphere, the Provincial Tourism Consortium and the Provincial Council of León, this meeting was the golden finishing touch of the “Responsible Traveler Manifesto”.

Guided Tour I Responsible Traveler Meeting León

But what is a “Responsible Traveler”? These are the 10 points of the Responsible Traveler Manifesto that summarize his philosophy:

  1. Be aware of the risks of traveling and take the necessary precautions.
  2. It promotes the local development of the destination by consuming local products and services.
  3. Share and learn about your host community, respecting their values ​​and traditions
  4. Contributes to the conservation, protection and regeneration of the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems of the destination
  5. Respect diversity and do not encourage or participate in discriminatory activities
  6. Consume responsibly and participate in the responsible management of resources
  7. Promotes the sustainability of heritage and infrastructure of the destination
  8. Choose products, services or experiences that enhance the sustainability of the destination through R + D + I
  9. Promotes decent and fair working conditions that respect workers' rights
  10. Join the manifesto of the responsible traveler and share it

Table I in I Responsible Traveler Meeting León